Spotify Landmark

Brand Identity, Growth Campaigns, Digital Design

“I listened this morning at the office and had a huge grin on my face the entire time. Normally I'd be frowning.”

- Damon "Jank" Joy
In Fall 2013, Spotify embarked on a new journey to provide accessible original content that attracted new listeners and helped existing listeners discover new music.

Spotify Landmark was a series of documentary style interviews focusing on classic moments in music history. The second featured artist in the series was Nas providing a behind-the-scenes narrative of the story behind “Illmatic”. 

LA MARR STUDIO provided art direction, user experience design, and a visual design system that made it easy to access the content via a microsite and within the application.

Credits —

Role—Art Director, Designer
Designers—Daniel Choe
Producers—Alan Light, Sandy Smallens

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